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The High Meadow Project offers thoughtful meals inspired by our current interests and the seasons' local offerings that bring forth joy, warmth, and the spirit of community.

Our Story . . .

Chef Johnny Anderes' interest in food stems from his grandfather, who picked up a passion for French cooking during his travels overseas. Spending long periods of time together, Anderes experienced French cooking with local produce at an early age—an influence that is unmistakably present in his clean, thoughtful, sustainable, unpretentious approach to modern cuisine.  Before moving to the Catskills with his family, Johnny had a wonderfully prolific career as a cherished chef in Chicago’s culinary circuit captaining teams and curating menus at the award-winning Cherry Circle Room, Bar Biscay, The Kitchen Chicago, Avec, Reno, and Telegraph . . . .


. . . . Speaking of Telegraph, the story of Elizabeth and Johnny begins there as the location of the beautifully esoteric wine bar that drew Elizabeth in as a devoted customer.  She fell in love with the food and then later, the Chef.  The Chef (Johnny) loved her back, and the rest is history.  


Elizabeth Hope Williams is the collaborator, organizer, and facilitator for The High Meadow Project.  She grew up spending weekends and summers in the Beaverkill and Livingston Manor area and is so grateful to now share the magic and beauty of the Catskills with her husband and their three incredible daughters, Josephine Hope, Willa Joy, and Julia Love.

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