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Wood-Fired Tacos

Chef Johnny Anderes

- Housemade Corn Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa Roja and Guacamole (VG) (GF)


* * * *

A Selection of Tacos (based on your preferences): 


- Black Bean Succotash Taco w/ Cilantro, Parmesan and Salsa Verde (GF) (VE)


- Spiced Potato Taco w/ Cabbage, Lime, and Aioli (VG) (GF)


- Smashed Pea Taco w/ Pea Tendrils, Parmesan, and Salsa Verde (GF) (VE) 


- Beaverkill Trout Taco w/ Cabbage, Remoulade, and Lime (GF) (DF)


- Hot Smoked Chicken Taco w/ Mole Aioli, Cilantro, & Shaved Radish (GF) (DF)


- Basque Pork Sausage Taco w/ Piperade, Pickled Red Onion, and Mint (GF) (DF)


- Braised Basque Pork w/ Salsa Roja and Creme Fraiche (GF)


- Skirt Steak Taco w/ Mole Aioli and Arugula (GF) (DF)


- Braised Oxtail Taco w/ Arugula and Gremolata (DF)


Sample Menu, Actual Menu is Based on Seasonality and Collaboration

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